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VGI is both a software development company and a consultancy.

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threat detection

Student Learning Tool

NetRef helps students stay focused while using internet services at school, at home, and on-the-go. Installing NetRef on student devices keeps students centered on learning in the classroom and sets boundaries for homework and free time at home. We at Verite developed the capabilities to monitor and analyze student traffic on any device with internet access, in addition to providing custom rule settings for service managers. We are immensely proud of our work on this service to keep students secure in the present and focused for their futures. Visit www.net-ref.com to learn more.

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network security tools

Safe and Secured Network

VGI developed the world-class tools Recon uses to help customers understand their network activity and execute needed protections for their network and the data it holds. Recon provides real-time monitoring and analysis for packet reconstruction, behavioral traffic tagging, and user-centric views of network activity all in one accessibly succinct interface. We are not only proud to have built a powerful tool for organizational compliance and data protection, but also to have done so in an immensely customizable and extensible way. Visit www.recon-networks.com to learn more.

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