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We work with our customers to understand their challenges and identify the key requirements that define their path to success.

Custom Analytical Tools

Custom solutions for complex data and network analysis. Surface relevant data and trends with advanced threat detection algorithms. Receive alerts when suspicious network activity is detected.

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Secure Communications

secure communications

Ensure message integrity and privacy with advanced encryption algorithms. Avoid message interception and block eavesdropping with field-proven methods.

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Detailed Protocol Analysis

network data analysis

Identify critical vulnerabilities across systems. Detect anomalous patterns and suspicious activity on your network using techniques implemented within commercial and government communities.

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Strategic Consulting

network security consulting

VGI solutions integrate with your project at any stage. Engineers build prototypes to test new technologies and solve critical challenges. Analysts join projects in progress to synergize VGI solutions with existing resources. Consultants design training, maintenance, and upgrade packages to leave a lasting legacy of support and improvement.

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